Accommodations in Paradise

The bungalows and other accommodations that Paddle Asia employs vary in quality from place to place. Some bungalows are very nice and very clean, while others are not exactly what we desire. We are working on this. Still, this is often the price we have to pay to access some of the most beautiful destinations in southern Thailand. We go off-the-beaten-path. Join us as we explore the areas that have yet to be impacted by mass tourism.

Click to view more photos in a gallery. Khao Sok Floating Bungalows.Khao Sok National Park Bungalows

The bungalows and other accommodations in Khao Sok National Park on Cheow Lan Lake are a small step up from camping basically. The reason is that the material used is mostly bamboo (grass family) and Nipa Palm fronds (used for some of the roof thatching).

The good news environmentally speaking is that these bungalows are extremely low impact. However, with this also comes the fact that they are in constant need of repair.

These bungalows belong to the National Park, not Paddle Asia. We do some repair work ourselves from time to time though. Though on the same reservoir as Khao Sok National Park, these very remote bungalows are actually in Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary. This place is as remote as you can get in the park!

Each bungalow has a front deck. You can swim in the reservoir, it's very clean. The deck is a nice place to take a nap between paddling or hiking outings. Each bungalow has two mattresses on the floor. Mosquito netting is supplied, though mosquitoes are rare in Khao Sok for some strange reason.

Shared shower and toilet facilities are located on the land. As the reservoir is used for hydro-electric power and as water supply for Surat Thani and other nearby towns, the water level changes throughout the year.

The bungalows are merely a base for the real reason to visit Khao Sok. Nowhere else in southern Thailand can compare to the abundance and variety of wildlife that you'll see here. If you're used to more fancy accommodations, these quaint, very low impact, basic bungalows are a small sacrifice for the privilege of being in such a magical place. Most guests, however, do find the bungalows to be delightfully simple, charming and a wonderful addition to their Khao Sok experience. There is beauty in simplicity.

Click to view more photos in a gallery. Koh Yao Noi Bungalows.Phang Nga Bay Koh Yao Noi Bungalows

We use various nice bungalows on Koh Yao Noi (Long Little Island). Standard bungalows are included in the trip price, upscale bungalows available at additional cost. The view from the bungalows is superb. Several small islands sit just off the long beach infront of the bungalows. Early birds can get some wonderful photos as the sun rises over the islands. The mountains of Krabi Province stand tall behind the islands. Stunning scenery? ... you bet!

Each room has proper beds and a fan. The bungalows are clean. The food at the restaurant is outstanding. In fact, it's some of the best around. If you'd like to give real Thai food a try, the cooks won't hold back on the spices. If your palate is more tender, don't worry, they can tailor it down to any level you wish. Breakfast varies from all of the standard styles of eggs, to yummy Thai rice porridge, to thick fruit pancakes. Buffet style meals are also available for groups or large families.

Ko Yao Noi sustains a healthy population of birds, monkeys, monitor lizards, barking deer and very colorful insect life. Oriental Pied Hornbills frequent the trees surrounding the bungalows. Ruddy Kingfishers, bright purple kingfishers with a wonderful 'trilly' call, zip around in the mangrove on either side of the bungalows; as do Brown-winged, White-throated and Collared Kingfishers. Mangrove Pittas sometimes visit too.

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